Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Models and Demos

oil, pastel and charcoal study

oil, turp wash demo (with pastel and charcoal)

charcoal powder demo

oil, turp wash demo (with pastel and charcoal)

One of the toughest things about teaching Life Drawing and Mixed Media Portraiture, the two classes I'm teaching at MECA this summer, is not being able to set up an easel and draw the whole time!!! We have some of the most incredible models. I do set up to do brief demos, and occasional quick studies in between running around helping my students. Funny thing about teaching, though. In standing over my students' shoulders and offering them that second pair of eyeballs, I feel like I am drawing. Air guitar? Air drawing...


Ellie said...

woow, thats an awsome place to study, Im going to roll in some class like that.

Carol Anne Strange said...

What a wonderful insight, Martha, and I can totally relate to your experience of `air-art' as you mentor your students. Wish I was over there attending your class as you're such an inspiration!