Friday, March 20, 2009

Is It True Blond's Have More Fun?

Some images from the book Picasso and Portraiture, from the chapter titled, Picasso's Blond Muse: The Reign of Marie-Therese Walter, by Robert Rosenblum. In his opening comments, Rosenblum writes:

It was in 1950, at Yale University, that I heard a startling comment about Picasso from Charles Seymour, a professor not of modern, but of Italian Renaissance , art. Confronted with the recurrent problem of how to explain to undergraduates the bewildering sequence of periods and "isms" in what was then only a half -century of Picasso's art, he threw out the whimsical idea that perhaps the master's rapid succession of changing and often contradictory styles might best be defined by the names of the women who, one after another, had dominated his private life. At the time, the suggestion seemed naively off the mark, the uninformed comment of an outsider to the complex languages of modern art. But today, almost fifty years later, the visible connection between Picasso's art and love life is...taken for granted...

And speaking of a blond muse, I'm off to work on the large portrait of Nina Petrochko that I started a couple of weeks ago! Happy first day of SPRING everyone!!!


Susan Beauchemin said...

doesn't seem like the comment from the "outsider" was uninformed at all!

martha miller said...