Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family Camp

My family recently started a family blog, called The Tale of Two Families. There are some wonderful old photographs being posted, and these are my favorites so far (click on images to enlarge and see interesting details!!) The bottom image is labeled, and we know all the names. The older couple in the middle are my great-grandparents, Zillah and Arthur Camp. Then counter-clockwise from the bottom right are their children, Tom, Kate, Joseph, Mary (my grandmother), Reuben, and Zillah. (What a name!)
The top photo is not labeled and we are trying to figure out who is who. We are pretty certain that the gentleman on the right is my great-grandfather, Arthur, about 10 years younger than in the 2nd photo. Is that Tom and Kate in the carriages? And Joe on the left? Who are the two women? My great aunt and grandmother? Or is the one on the right my great-grandmother? Jeez, if so, she sure changes alot in 10 years...but then, so did Arthur. Time took it's toll harder on folks back then...
But if any of you care to sleuth along with me here, I'm open to opinions and observations! :^)
See the bird perched on the carriage on the left! And the woman on the left is looking toward the bird and holding a switch - I wonder if that is a tamed pet bird and the twig she's holding is it's perch...
My cousin Jon, our family historian, tells us that there are some crazy stories about this family, but he hasn't told us any of them yet! Suspense!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Jon's throwing us for a loop--probably the top photo has nothing to do our family--I don't think that's Aurthur--were times really THAT rough?!! Maybe every other guy had a mustache like that back when.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

How interesting, these family photos. The birds on the carriages is really a you have a family member who holds the stories?
In our family photos hardly anyone smiled...not even the children!

martha miller said...

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hi bue
yes, the bird is very myterious! everyone in my family has a piece of the stories - my hope is that our family blog will be place that they get told!

hi sue

no, i don't think jon is putting one over on us! that is definitly arthur! our great=grandfather. He has a nice face!

martha miller said...