Tuesday, November 18, 2008

House in the Woods


truck stuck in muck - this scene looks more like a maine march than a maine november...


andy has used many recycled items to build his workshop - the windows, doors, wooden gutters...

new house foundation

My son Andrew and his wife Oceanna are building a house on a portion of our property that we gifted to them. It's an enormous project - Andy has spent months manning the controls of heavy machinery to clear the land and to make the very long driveway that leads from the road up through the woods to their new site.

He has now nearly completed his workshop (it resembles an old fashioned one room school house, very cool...) and has the foundation for the house poured. And last weekend the well got drilled (that happened after the well digging rig got royaly STUCK in the mud, requiring massive tugs from the excavator. Andy remains undaunted by difficulty - he's amazing!) With all this going on, he is also putting up a small building on our old barn foundation, one that will have clear panels so it can double as a shed/greenhouse. My husband has always wanted a greenhouse.
I enjoy reading about astrology, and one way to look at our astrological charts is the pattern that is formed by the placement of the planets. There are names for these patterns and definitions of the corresponding personality traits. Andy's pattern is The Locomotive:
People with Locomotive charts typically attack problems head-on.
I'd say that fits!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Wow! the foundation is done for their house! I saw the rocky hole in the ground full of water--that would have been enough for me to give up, had I been doing that job!

Julianna said...

I love that workshop. I'd love to build my own house someday too!

martha miller said...

Hi Sue - Yeah, what an ordeal that was, getting that drained after all the fall rains, then filled with a ton of crushed rock and tamped down! But it's done! Very exciting.

martha miller said...

Hey there, Julianna! How are you? Yes, it's a wonderful old fashioned looking building - right up your alley! Love your drawings!!