Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Haunting Susan Hauptman

I just found this artist's work - Susan Hauptman - and see a kindred spirit. Like Hauptman, I have created many self-portraits with the dressed/undressed, exposed/clothed thing going on. This has been a recurring theme in my work, based on some past traumas.

I am having some interesting physical therapy work (IMT) done on my big toe joints right now. Part of the therapy is energy work, and the releasing of emotional pain that causes physical pain. The PT spoke to me this morning about how we hold "our stories" in our bodies. Interesting that I should find Hauptman's work right now. These are all works on paper using charcoal and pastel.


Showing Up for the Muse said...

i've been away or a bit- so glad I caught this blog entry- very moving and...well, I love it

martha miller said...

Hi Tilly

Glad you dropped in!

Yes, aren't these amazing drawings?

Susan Beauchemin said...

Very interesting! Sort of reminds me of mad magazine where his head--what's his name?---is everywhere.

martha miller said...

alfred e. newman!