Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Neighbors

Lisa Pixley

Derek Luke Smith and Nicole Duennebier
with a fresh batch of Gocco Prints.

Rebecca Fitzpatrick

Colleen Kinsella

Nicole Duennebier

Ocean Hull 32

Improperly Saucy Cheese Advances Light Switch

John Arden Knight
Bull Thistle in Field

Surreal Kitsch

Just to give you a whiff of the zeitgeist here in Portland, here is a sampling of the work of a few of my studio neighbors, past and present, at The Artist Studio.


Susan Beauchemin said...

You are surrounded by talented, creative people. YOur studio wall collage is out done by Rebecca's.

On your previous post, Bacon's studio is depressing to me--I couldn't work in there.

For me I have to set up and break it down each time I work--I take over the table in the garage and the pool table in my livingroom

martha miller said...

hi sue

yes, it bacon's studio looks pretty depressing!

and yes, i am fortubate to have an inspiring community of artists as neighbors!

martha miller said...

i need a typist...