Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Book

In the spirit of synchronicity, I am posting today about my book, Portraits from My Father's Chair, which was the culmination of my senior thesis project. My daughter-in-law, Tracey Miller, put this book together for me in less than 2 weeks! She's a terrific designer! She also designed my website and this blog! (Tracey commented in yesterday's post about the book...)
We self-published my book using Lulu.com.

I've scanned the front and back covers, plus the forward, written by Jon Calame, and the introduction. (Click to enlarge and read!)

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Portraits from My Father's Chair, you can e-mail me @ mmiller@meca.edu!

Portraits from My Father's Chair: A Collective Portrait of the Maine College of Art Creative Community, Martha Miller, 2006
$48 each, includes tax and shipping


artslice said...

Martha, this is so exciting!! Congrats. How many portraits does it contain?

martha miller said...

Thanks, Brenda!

There are eighty portraits in the book. Lulu is a great resource if you are ever considering publishing!

artslice said...

I will have to look at Lulu, I have not thought about publishing... but maybe I'll mull it over. The book / images really looks great!

martha miller said...

thanks, brenda

lulu and tracey did a nice job of it!!!