Wednesday, July 30, 2008

East End Beach

The past three days have been gorgeous here in Portland, and I have actually gone swimming for the past three afternoons in the Maine ocean, at East End Beach, pictured above. And I mean swimming: I stayed in the water for twenty minutes or more, doing laps. Swimming! Not running in, screaming, dunking down and tearing back out again (what typically occurs when one attempts a dip at the Maine coast). The water is a good temperature right now. Cold, but not unbearable. This beach is at the top of Munjoy Hill on the East End of Portland, just minutes from my apartment. How cool is that?


Rob S. said...

OOOooo! look at those clouds!

Hi Martha! Sorry I haven't been on the computer much - too much summer in which to partake. I just returned from a week on Long Island out there in Casco Bay. Just wonderful. I will be posting about it soon.

I STILL need to get into town to see the window installation, as well as the O'Keeffe exhibit at PMA. After this weekend, things will calm down a tad, so I'll be a little freer to indulge in some extracurriculars.

The book is AWESOME, by the way! Wow...

martha miller said...

Thanks, Rob:

Nice to hear from you! Yes, summer is short and sweet here in the State 'o' Maine. Best to make hay, as they say!

Sounds like you've been having alot of fun!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Nice--swimming! That sounds great!--Maybe I'll take P to the pool today--she loves it, but I don't like the chemicals and other people's hair floating around.