Sunday, May 25, 2008

Julie Heffernan

Several of Julie Heffernen's self-portrait oil paintings. My sister Sue saw this artist's work in RI a couple of years ago, and told me about her. Her paintings are AMAZING!!
Julie Heffernan:
Self-portrait as Booty, 2007
Self-portrait as Not Dead Yet, 2008
Self-portrait as Spill, 2007
Self-portrait as Slow Growth, 2008
Self-portrait as Quarry, 2000
Self-portrait as Ornament, 2008
Self-portrait as Wild Hair, 2008
Self-portrait as Big Idea, 2008


artslice said...

These are fabulous! Thanks for sharing them.

Rob S. said...

I've seen her work in person at PPOW in Manhattan. I was only in there to buy the Bo Bartlett catalogue, when I was pleasantly surprised!

martha miller said...

Hi Brenda:

You're welcome!

Hi Rob:

Do you like her paintings? What are the surfaces like? Are they glazed? her work makes me think of Nicole Dunnebier's paintings. She's in my links...

Rob S. said...

Yes, I liked them quite a lot. I saw from her treatment of paint that she has had classical training. The surfaces are quite rich - translucent shadows and rich, warm, lights. But, it's a mix that borrows from the Delft School as well as Caravaggio with a touch of Cranach the Elder thrown in. It depends on what part of the painting you're looking at.