Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blind Contour Drawing

While drawing, look at the object, not at the page. Let the pencil slooowly follow all the contours of the object, as if your pencil tip is actually touching all those edges. Don't look down except to occasionally reposition your pencil on the page. This is very meditative, and a great exercise in SEEING.

Blind Contour Self (with Cell Phone), 2007
pencil on Rives BFK, 15" x 15"


Rob S. said...

That's so fun. I remember doing those way back when. Sometimes they looked crazy, but other times, there was a surprising honesty to them. The phone came out particularly well, here.

Anonymous said...

I am learning using blind contour drawing too, but when I started to draw various object in one go, all the things are overlapping and it become a confusing bunch of things. It easier to draw only one subject at a time when using blind contour, but you did a very good job.