Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kiss of Life

In my junior year at MECA I took a class called photo lithography, with professor Alex Kahn. What a blast it was! My classmates and I had to bring in some found imagery - it couldn't be artwork, just some image from an ad, or something like that. We put all the images on the table, then each chose one piece to work with. For our assignment we had to alter the image somehow using photoshop and shoot that image to a photolitho plate. The plate could then be inked and run through the press, like a litho stone.
I chose the CPR diagram posted here, cropped it, and turned it on its side. Then I added these photos of my parents from the 40's, to create this layered image (see bottom photo). I love how my father's face has the same expression as the young man in the CPR drawing. The top two pics are two of my final prints. I used this print, called Kiss of Life, to illustrate a story I wrote that semester about my parents for my Memoir class. The line from the story that goes with this print is:
There was something desperate about the way my father loved my mother.

Kiss of Life I, 2005
photolitho, 6" x 17". For Sale.

Kiss of Life II, 2005
photolitho, 6" x 17". For Sale.

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