Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Self with Ambulance Sirens

Ok, I have no idea if anyone else will be able to play this video, but here goes. I have several videos that I want to use somehow in an installation, but I need to get some technical help. This one is of me in my studio last spring. My studio is on Congress Street in downtown Portland where sirens abound. Here I sit in my little pink studio, and there's my portrait of Lisbeth in the background. This video speaks of interruption, and how things can happen so fast that are hard and unexpected.

(Anyone out there reading this and capable of comment, please let me know if you can actually play this video - I'm curious! And I know, I know...it's sideways...)


Anonymous said...

Hey Martha! I can see it. :-) To change the orientation from horizontal to vertical, you may need to purchase QuickTime Pro. I think it's about $30, and it will allow you to do that, plus pull stills, edit the video, add a soundtrack, etc. Love, Tracey

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks, Tracey! I have a video program on my PC,but as far as I know, it won't change the orientation. I tried to it with another video, but to no avail. I'll get QuickTime Pro!