Monday, May 2, 2011

Most Eggscellent!

We have six new residents here on Miller Mountain! Just arrived yesterday - three big beautiful Ameraucanas (they lay those gorgeous blue/green eggs!) and three Black Sex Links (that sounds kinky, doesn't it?)! They are all enjoying their new abode and have already produced the promised four eggs a day. Job well done, ladies! My husband has wanted laying hens for years - he had a coop started in our old barn that burned down nine years ago - so he is quite happy to have this dream realized! I wrote The Coop on a piece of birch bark with some of the charcoal from that fire - there are still piles of it around the barn foundation. And the rooster on the front of the coop survived the fire - it was part of the weathervane! So here's to eggs and new life and the merry merry month of May!


Showing up for the Muse said...

Oh I just love it! Having chickens is the best... I love waking to the sounds of the rooster each a.m. now that the windows can be raised open all night I hear him seep into my morning dreams. Enjoy!

Susan Beauchemin said...