Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday Studio

I was in my studio from 11am - 11pm yesterday. Here are some triptych process/progress pics, not necessarily in chronological order. I can't back away from it enough to get a picture of the whole wall at once. These panels are slightly overlapping right now, but I intend for there to be space between them when they are exhibited. It's coming along. Tomorrow I will get over into that right hand panel...


Anonymous said...

i really like seeing this as it progresses!

it's cool how you have so much information
packed in these, but when you look at it
zoomed out it doesn't look to be as busy
as it really is.

martha miller said...

hi marc - yes, trying to reign in the info, and make it work...i received my little pink riding hood card and poem! it makes me smile, thanks!