Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moore Head and More Heads

I received this fantastic piece of mailart from William Moore yesterday. It's my old friend Carlo! Thankyou, William! This is so thoughtful and terrific - it felt like I was being visited by Carlo, and it really brightened my day!!! Posted below are more from my mailhead series...

Thinking Ahead

Ahead of Their Time

Bone Head

Black & White, and Blue
Meat Head

Smoking Head
Art is an untidy idea whose time has come. ~ Carlo Pittore


William R. Moore said...

Thank you for including me in your "mailart 365" and I very much enjoyed receiving your 12/365 mailart piece. "Mailart 365", that's quite a challenge.

This was my very first mailart piece and I had so much fun making it. It makes my day that you were pleased.

I really like your art and I'm enjoying following the process of your Family triptych.

martha miller said...

i LOVE it!!! thanks, again, william!