Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Birthday

Turned 57 yesterday. (Doesn't sound too bad does it? It was a good year for Chevy's...)

Did my birthday Tarot reading for the year ahead with a new deck of cards that I purchased to go in my new pouch sent to me from my sister, Sweet Sue, in CA. My card for the year ahead is the Nine of Cups. A traditional meaning for this card is, "You'll get your wish." Nice. I'll take that...

Then, what I most need to look at, is The Sun. (Boy, I couldn't agree more, after this long Maine winter! I am vitamin D deprived!) But, not so literally, The Sun speaks about Jung's Bright Shadow - our unrealized potentials. So, yes I will look at this.

And the challenge in what lies ahead is, the Knight of Cups. I read this is, to keep using my feelings and intuition, especially in my art, and keep carrying them forward - and stay on that horse and don't fall off!

Next, what will help, is the Three of Swords. Three. My triptychs. The best vehicle to express these emotions, the painful and the sweet.

And the last card, what I might be overlooking, is the Ten of Pentacles. This is a card of abundance, contentment, achievment, and a happy home. A reminder, perhaps, to count my blessings, and not take these things for granted!

Happy Saint Patty's Day, All!


William R. Moore said...


The triptych is looking grand.

artslice said...

Happy Birthday Martha! Hope it was a good one. :)

Wow, Marianne Faithfull looks pretty darn good considering what she's been thru. Love her haunting voice.

Dean Grey said...

Happy belated birthday, Martha!

You get more and more awesome with each passing year!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Happy Birthday---I miss you--glad you like the pouch!

martha miller said...

Thanks, all! XOX