Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quit While You're A Head

Rabid Love

Sled Head

Eye Swim

A Good Sneeze

Flame Head

Have a Bird

Mary and Marilyn, I

Mary and Marilyn, II

Butt Head
Mini Horse

Martha & Edvard, Unplugged

Ears of Corn
My latest Mailheads, fronts and backs. Doing one a day - if you want to join the fun, e-mail me your address!


Anonymous said...

these are all really awesome!

what's the story behind the heads?
what made you start doing them?
and keep doing them?

martha miller said...

oh, because i do alot of portraits, the human head is of big interest to me. and i've always loved paper dolls... i wanted to send out mailart that had a shape other than ordinary envelopes or postcards. for mailart 365 i figured i'd follow a theme - i'd made some head shaped mail last year, and figured that would be a fun yearlong project!
thanks for dropping in, superhero!