Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cesi's Gramma

Cesi with Mom's Last Few Things, 2011
digital collage

This poignant word portrait of my mother, written several years ago by my niece, the sweet and talented Cesi Marseglia, was recited by The Reverand Jan Vickery Knost at my mom's funeral service. I wish I had a recording of Jan's strong and beautiful voice reading this - it was sure powerful. Not a dry eye in the house...


When I think of Edna Simmons;

Old memories flood my mind, a steep, dark flight of stairs,

onion skins, a little girl skipping in pretty pink shoes,

cats, cats everywhere, cats upon cats, mobiles of color, pottery,

nude portraits, misty beach glass and mismatched buttons,

bright red crab apples, dappled in sunlight, the thick, sturdy branches

of an old beech tree, the best cookies you ever tasted, tiny

hand-knit sweaters, a beautiful dead butterfly

kept in a glass jar, frilly, lively petticoats from her dancing days, porcelain dolls

with eyes that make a clicking noise when they open and shut,

just a few strands of hair left clinging to their bald heads,

ongoing puzzles that would never seem to end, an old,

decorative rolling pin, stale Cheerios,

paper dolls with old fashioned clothing, a shower where the

hot water runs out very fast, going upstairs and visiting the past,

a tiny crib that I used to sleep in, although I was too big, the old

book of farm animals and all the sounds they made, a cute little plastic

elephant in

an Animal Crackers tin, piles of cardboard boxes,

with nothing to put in.
I love you Gramma.


Susan Beauchemin said...

I love this poem! Sounds so much like mom and her house.

mim said...

Lovely, really lovely.