Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decorating Is Afoot

I crawled under the eaves this morning and hauled out the Christmas decorations. My house is "up in arms" and could use a good cleaning, but I like to start hanging things around first. I have grandchildren coming to spend the night tomorrow and we're going to make some decorations on Saturday. They could give a hoot about cobwebs. Speaking of being a grandmother, these stockings were knit by my Grammma back in the 60's and 70's. She made one for all of her 10 grandchildren, and eventually all their spouses, and then for a number of her 29 great-grandchildren. And she always made us these pom pom slippers to wear on Christmas Eve...
Christmas Eve, 1969

(Really flattering on the end of those toothpick legs!!! Ha ha! Could I really have been that thin??)


Susan Beauchemin said...

Yes I have those stockings for my kids too--I made a few when I was back east--something about being back there in the winter, just made me want to knit!!

Katie said...

I just handed mine over to Charlie, so that Betsy could have one for each person in her fam. (Bob has my mom's which she handed over to me a while back.) It's fun to have them, but since I don't knit, I don't have one for all of my fam. They're sure fun to see and remember.