Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rockin' The Shadow

Moon Rock Self, I, II, III, IV, V


KaHolly said...

You love your shadows, don't you, Martha. I really enjoyed the video of the call of the barred owl!! I'm an early-to-bedder, so it isn't a sound I get to witness. Thanks for sharing! ~karen

Dean Grey said...


Is your shadow doing gang signs?!


I love the blue of the shadows. Did you doctor the photos at all or is that how the color naturally came out?

Oh, and that video clip made me a bit scared!


martha miller (it's all art) said...

Hi Karen! yes, just call me Peter Pan! :^) We've been hearing the owls mostly in the hour before dawn! Who Cooks for YoUUUUU!

martha miller (it's all art) said...

Ha ha, Dean! I didn't even think of that!
And don't let a little barred owl frighten you!

martha miller (it's all art) said...

Oh! And Dean: I just upped the contrast on these photos, but the shadow looked blue in the originals, too! Cool, huh?