Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day Portraits

Happy Summer!

I've been on vacation and off the grid for the past week. I'm back home now - here are a couple of Father's Day portraits that I recently completed as gifts for two Dads. The first portrait is of tattoo artist Danielle Madore and her daughter, Louise, for Danielle's husband, Chris Dingwell. Danielle sat for her portrait in my Portland studio. The second portrait is of jeweler Mark Anderson and his daughter, Cloe. Mark's wife Jessica Dow commissioned this portrait to be done from a composite of the photos I've posted here. They live in Wisconsin, so a live sitting was not an option! Interesting to work both ways...


Angela said...

I love how you visualized these families. Just beautiful. I just about fell over when I saw that incredible dragon.

Dean Grey said...

The babies appeared to be well-behaved during the session!