Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I teach at MECA in Portland on Tuesday mornings and like to first grab my breakfast here. I can get a good Schwarzbein meal (I carried in my own blueberries...) and enjoy a book for a few minutes. Luxary. My Dad loved diners, and I always think of how he would have enjoyed this one. It's a classic!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Oh man, cool diner! Sit me down for breakfast!! Most mornings I'm getting little P out the door and this morning she had washed two eggs (Like little house on the prairie--even though our eggs didn't need to be washed) and then left them wrapped up in a dish towel on the table. I of course, absentmindedly picked the towel up to hang it and splat, splat! on the floor.

Martha Miller said...

Ha ha!
I sure wish you lived closer. Nothing would be finer
than sharing breakfast
with you and P
in this here diner!!!

Dean Grey said...


Looks like an awesome place to eat and drum up ideas!