Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's No Poop Dream! Fame Grabs Greta!

My studio neighbor, artist and mother of two: the hilarious, multi-talented, and spectacularly theatrical Greta Bank!

NOW PLAYING at the deCordova!!!

In costume for a friend's Halloween wedding...

Spring '09 Peep Hole performance at The Artist Studio in Portland...

This is me and Mick Jagger at my summer home.
collage model, 2009
This is me and Britney Spears peeing in the woods.
collage model, 2009

I love how Greta laughs in the face of and reveals the farce of artifice! She is the girl who farts loudly at the Mary Kay party. A true trickster.

Greta and fellow poop polisher, architect, Christopher Campbell...

Works in progress...

Studio as Shrine.

Groovy Greta at the deCordova opening.

My sister Susan and I coined the phrase it's a take it away! when we were little girls. Our mother had a jewelry drawer that was within our reach, and we loved to rake through it, looking at all her necklaces and earrings. But there was one pair of earrings that we found both fascinating and repelling: they were made of ivory and had deep intricate carvings, somewhat like the trails that bugs leave as they eat away at dead branches on the forest floor. Susan and I would stare at these and get an icky feeling in our stomachs, and say, oooh, take it away! Yet this didn't keep us from going back for another look. Every so often we'd say to each other, Let's go find those earrings! There was a delight in being creeped out...

Greta Bank's new sculpture falls into this take it away category - oooh, it makes me feel so icky, yet I want to keep looking! It speaks of the attraction/repulsion capacity of the human form. Greta describes the pieces in her Wallflower project as super gross-out and very pretty.


Read this great interview with Greta, Everybody Poops.

And be sure to visit her fabulous new website, My Secret Studio!


Susan Beauchemin said...

I wonder where those earrings are? Greta has some very different and interesting sculptures!

Dean Grey said...


What crazy images! What were you all smoking!?!

Did Britney spears and Mick Jagger at least sing to you? LOL


Martha Miller said...

hey, sue! i think that those earrings went "the way of all things" as mom would say! greta is great!

Martha Miller said...

hey, dean bo bean! i don't need to smoke anything to make (or appreciate) crazy images - i'm on a natural high at all times ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (birds tweeting in background) ~ ~ ~ ~ no, really. this is all the work of greta bank - and she's in the decordova biennial! it's a big deal!!! yay, greta!