Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh, Mexico...

The exuberance!
Candelabrum. 20th century popular art. From Metepec, Mexico state.

The visual poetry!
Diego Rivera
The Market Place of Tenochtitlan-Mexico (detail). 1942.

The fearless, cheerful treatment of the subject of death!
Sugar Skull. 20th century popular art.

The ornamentation!
Interior of Church of Santa Maria at Tonantzintla. 18th century. Puebla state.

The decorative design!
Vessal with a Bird. painted clay. 15th century. Mexico City.

The monumental earthiness!
Diego Rivera
Man Masters the Elements. 1927.
The color!
Mask. Jade. Olmec culture.

The passion!
Jose Clemente Orozco
Man of Flames. 1939.

Man of Flames (detail).

The imagination!
Julio Ruelas
Art Criticism (Self Portrait). Etching. 1906
The emotion!
Guillermo Kahlo
Frida Kahlo with drawn tears and inscription (From your friend who is very sad. Frida Kahlo) Mexico, 1932

Another great art book added this past autumn to my growing collection from the Joanne Waxman Library's discount shelf at MECA, Mexican Art: 59 Plates in Full Colour, The Colour Library of Art, 1965. These are some of my favorite images from the book. The last image, though, the photograph of Frida Kahlo, comes from a gorgeous book that was gifted to me by MECA for an award that I received when I graduated from the school in 2006. It's hard to believe, and almost a crime that a mid-20th century book on Mexican art does not include Kahlo. The art world was extremely patriarachal in 60's (and continues to be, but we have made headway...) and Frida Kahlo was still obscure.

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