Monday, June 15, 2009

Self-Portait Quilts

This is Not a Self-Portrait
Linda MacDonald

Who is She?
Marni Goldshlag

Tying Clooties
Linda Colsh

Natalie's Quilts

Me, Myself, and My Friends, 1997
Amy Nelson

If I'd Only Known Where I'd End Up
Alan Kelchner

Rediscovering Joy: A Self-Portrait in Red
Deb Richardson

Deb Dreaming
Deb Richardson

Tits and Ass
Lisa Bones

A Bit Off Tilt
Sandy Wagner

Some Self-Portait Quilts I found on-line this morning.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

These are incredible! Thanks for the great post.

artslice said...

So much fun... I like Deb's Dream.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

These are fabulous. I love looking at quilt art. So creative.