Friday, June 12, 2009

A Find

Self with Dirty Blond Hair, New Year's Eve, 1987

Self, March 19, 1987

Morning Self, 4/9/87, 1987

June 21 Self, 1988

Self, 2/11/88, 1988

Self, 4/29/88, 1988

6/10 Self, 1988

June 10 Self, I, 1988

June 13 Ballpoint Self, Early Morning, 1988

June 10 Self, II, 1988

Early Morning Ballpoint Self, 1988

Eben Eating an Apple at the River, 1988

At the River, 1988

Lissie and Allie in the Bathtub, 1988

Andy Reading, 1988

Alec Asleep, I, 1988

Alec Asleep, II, 1988

Lisbeth Asleep, June, 1988

I lost most of my old art journals in the studio/barn fire, so when I found these drawings in a notebook tucked away in the back of my bedroom closet recently, it was a real gift! These drawings are from 1987 - 1988, when I was a young mother and living in Sanford, Maine. I have many "official" self-portraits and portraits - but these are drawings that I've never shown to anyone before.


Rob S. said...

Wow! What a lovely surprise for you! The first pen portrait you posted here is very funny - you must have been in some kind of mood when you did that. The blind contour ones are fun, too. And, of course, the more realized ones are executed with your usual aplomb. Thank you so much for sharing this treasure!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

These are wonderful! I love the various styles your self portraits are done in. What joy to find them when you thought all were lost. I'm so happy for that, and thanks for sharing them.

Susan Beauchemin said...

hi martha--nice drawings of long ago that seem like yesterday-see you very soon!

artslice said...

What a find! These are lovely... thanks for sharing 'em.