Friday, May 22, 2009

May Magic

Yesterday it was suddenly summer with temps hitting the mid-nineties here in Portland! My morning walk up to East Beach ended with feet in freezing but bearable salt water - quite the feat for a day in May! The Maine ocean is typically excrutiatingly cold at this time of year...

Off to buy a length of black velvet and then on to paint in the studio...


Jeane said...

sun here also - makes everything better - love the last photo of dip in the water

Susan Beauchemin said...

Great tulip photo!!

Ellie said...

Hi Martha,
Beautifull outside pictures, Beautifull summer flowers!

I got finally released, sadly things didnt worked out as we wanted, but Im free you know, incredible good that felling. I stay positive, Im happy to be out of that place, eventhough I left good friends inside, Im happy to be here, but sad I cant be with Alec, I looked a road in my dreams some days ago, and I knew I will be out soon.

thanks for all your support, you are in my prayers every day and nigth.

take care. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Martha Miller said...


I am so relieved that you are safe, but also quite sad that things did not turn out as expected. You and Alec are both in my thoughts and prayers. Let's stay in touch!

God Bless You!

Ellie said...

Hi Martha:
Things will work out if me and Alec dont give up, I know that its not going to be easy, but is a new chalenge for both, I pray for the solution of our problems, when you love someone and cant be with him it hurts. Its painful but a have hope. We have a lot of love for each other, and we are sick of dont be together.We have to stay positive, and persuit our dreams.
Thanks for being with us. I aprecciate that.

God bless you. xoxo