Friday, February 13, 2009

Real Rain

We had rain yesterday - REAL rain.

(Remember that scene in Pleasantville where the women are playing cards, confiding with each other about the recent strange occurrences of color in their black and white world? And one of the women tells about having to take her daughter to the doctor because her daughter's mouth has turned red."REAL red," she emphasizes in a stunned whisper...)

We've had nothing but snow, ice, and subzero temps the past couple of months. In this colorless, frozen terrain the occurrence of rain, REAL rain, is a liquid miracle!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Good movie! We had real snow here the other day--very close to us--about a 20 min. drive away!

Martha Miller said...

word verification:


i crant believe it!!!

Kori Michele said...

We watched this today! =)
I forgot all about it.

Martha Miller said...

hi kori - love that flick!!!