Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Gauguin Fix

There's an all white world outside my window - it's snowing steadily and heavily, and it's still mighty cold here in Maine. I'm taking a break from sewing and I thought that posting a little bit of juicy colored tropical Gauguin would be nice. Hope you're all having a pleasant Sunday!


Ron Hunt said...

Those are great, Martha. Thanks for sharing them with us. It helped take my mind off all that snow falling outside!

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

I had never heard of Gauguin before-at first I thought it had something to do with naked people! I looked him up on Wikipedia, so thank you for exposing me to something new today!

P.S. I know you like the word verification so I think you should know mine is nyliburp.

Martha Miller said...

You're welcome, Ron! Sure is pretty, tho, huh!

Martha Miller said...

Hi CNSparrow

Nyliburp!! I love it!

and I'm so glad to introduce you to Gauguin!