Friday, January 9, 2009

Calling this one finished, too...

I found a good spot to photograph my portraits in a back hallway in my studio building today. A helpful discovery, because my studio doesn't get good light in the afternoons right now - the sun dips below the condos across the street...

I'm done with this one of Kate Cleaves.

Blue Kate with Ravens, 2009
mixed media on Rives BFK, 29" x 41"

Bitter cold with a bright full moon. Monument Square on my walk home from the studio this afternoon. Have a relaxing weekend, everyone!


Susan Beauchemin said...


Don Gray said...

What a treat to see these details in all their color richness--sumptuous. You did find a sweet spot for photos.

Martha Miller said...

hey, thanks sue and don! hope it's warmer where you folks live - we are in a deep freeze here!

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anyone want to venture a fictionary definition for that?