Thursday, December 18, 2008

On the Second Day of Christmas... true love gave to me,
More vintage photographs from the Martha and Susie series (yup, notice the matching coats...)
Our older brother Steven helped us to create this behemoth out of snow on the day before Christmas many moons ago.
I must add this human scale info: Steven is 6' 1" (!)
I promised Susan that I would find these photographs so she can show them to her granddaughter, Patience, who is dreaming daily about this white stuff out in snowless California where she lives.
What do you think, P?


Susan Beauchemin said...

You found them!!!! I remember Steve using snow from our neighbor's yard for that dinosaur--and while making it, one of those legs and part of the body fell on top of me--what fun! Steve looks serious in these pictures--what's up with that! Thanks for digging these out!!

SMPS said...

Wow!! OMG, that is an impressive snow sculpture for any time! I can't believe you three had the drive to create that...nice work!!!

Martha Miller said...

Hmm, yes, Steve looking serious...that is unusual!

Leave it to you to remember the structural difficulties of building this snow sculpture - you seem to be the one who always gets stuck with (or buried under)that stuff!!

Martha Miller said...

Hi Shawn

There was always lots of creative energy at old 256 Maple Street! I was wondering where all that snow came from - Sue remembered that Steve gathered some from the neighbors' yards! We needed him to push those enormous snowballs across the yard and then lift them up! I think that we used planks of wood to roll them way uo you remember, Sue?

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Looks like creativity runs in your family!

Martha Miller said...

word verification:


yes, captain, creativity runs rampant in our family, along with a love of bad puns - our family just reakerths of cornball humor!