Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote Tomorrow!!!

Robert Rauschenberg: Flag (detail)

Kids campaigning for Obama on Monument Square in Portland last week.

City Hall, Portland, Maine

Jasper Johns: Flag

Jasper Johns: Map

Jasper Johns: Three Flags

This is my way of going door to door. I voted absentee last Thursday right here in Portland at City Hall, and I had to wait about an hour. It feels good to have it DONE. I read in the Sunday paper that over 160,000 Mainers have voted early! And 42% of them are Democrats. Get up early tomorrow, pack a snack, and get in line. It's going to be a record breaking turnout everywhere!


Don Gray said...

Amazing how much Jasper's "Map" made in--when--1960? resembles John King's CNN electoral map.

Martha Miller said...

I know! Isn't that wild? Love the ORANGE!