Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dream Selves

In my Monday night Mixed Media Self Portrait class at MECA this week the students did self-portraits inspired by dreams. While we were working, MECA freshman Bill Chiang (who was in the classroom with us painting a still life) meandered over to see what we were doing. He was bored with his assignment and was excited to see that we were working from our dreams. "Did you ever die in a dream?" he asked, then showed us a painting he'd recently finished about a dream in which he had died a violent death. I like seeing his alive and cheerful smiling face next to this scene of gory demise!


Cate Prato said...

Hi Martha,
I love the idea of doing a self-portrait from your dreams. Wish I'd thought of it. Your work is terrific.
Cate Prato
Author, Mixed-Media Self-Portraits
Inspiration & Techniques

Martha Miller said...

Thankyou, Cate! Yes, I often use imagery from my dreams in my artwork - try it sometime! Your book looks great!