Saturday, November 15, 2008

Double Portraits, Turning Heads

Thomas Woodruff's Solar System (The Turning Heads) at P.P.O.W. Exhibit closes today. Incredible images!


Kaitlyn Duggan said...

Holy cow. These are AMAZING. On some of them I couldn't see the double image and so I turned my computer screen upside down.. I highly recommend looking at all of them this way. They are incredible! They are dogs and monkeys and elephants and people of all kinds. WHOA!!! I love the mandala of people. This is my new favorite art.

Martha Miller said...

Hi Kaitlyn!

(The word verification this morning on this post is "trove" and these mandalas are certainly a treasure trove of images!)

I can understand why you'd love these - you have been making intricate mandalas for years!
I have an old photo at home of me as a teenager painting a mandala that I designed for an art class assignment back in 1970 of people sitting cross legged around the edges of a circle with connected arms. I'll have to dig that out and show it to you!