Friday, October 17, 2008

Sachet Sisters

I made these sachets this week and mailed them to my three sisters (ok, Sue, I spoiled the surprise...) I had gone to Sister Day empty handed this year, and recently found this sweet fabric at Z Fabrics, a cool little sewing store in my neighborhood in Portland located at the foot of Munjoy Hill on the East End. The mermaids look like sisters to me! I backed each sachet with this plush bittersweet colored corduroy (a little textile trivia now: did you know that corduroy means corde du roi, or fabric of the king? My sister Debby majored in Home Economics back in the day and passed on to me interesting tidbits like this...) then I filled them with dried pine needles and lavender from my backyard in Woolwich. What a wonderful fragrance!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Oh cool!! I can't wait to get mine!!-------Thank you, I love packages in the mail!! Yay for sister's day!

Martha Miller said...

i may not have put enough postage on it!! you might have to pay a nickle or two - i think i misjudged!!