Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Magician

I hadn't done the Tarot in a while, and I started daily readings again last week. I have had The Magician show up in my reading five days in a row now. I've been cleaning and organizing my work and living spaces and setting up a couple of new art projects with specific goals. After this summer I was feeling alot like the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz (remember when the flying monkeys pulled him all apart??) what with all the travelling, family visits, and the planning of and orchestrating our daughter's wedding...oh, and two surgeries, the most recent one was just two weeks ago (same thing I had done in June - venous closure and several phlebectomies...)
They threw some of me over there! And some me is over here, and, oh dear!
Suffice it to say I felt quite scattered. So I've been meditating on focus, clarity and direction, and having The Magician show up is good support!

Here are some excerpts from two Tarot books that I own, Tarot Reversals by Mary Greer and Tarot: Complete Illustrated Guide by Rachel Pollack:

The Magician tends to make things happen. It shows the body as a channel for power. Artists and writers - like ritual magicians - know that the ego, the conscious self, does not really create anything. Instead, all our training and preparation serves to allow us to get out of the way. Something moves through us. Something wants to be created. This is what it means to experience magic, to open yourself to the power of life.

As card One, The Magician signifies the beginnings of projects, especially original and creative work. The card also means will, as the mind and training focus on a goal.
That said, I'm off to my studio for the afternoon!


Don Gray said...

Hope you had a great day in your studio, working your own personal form of magic!

I love your comment about artists and ego. Mind if I quote you on my blog?

Martha Miller said...

Hey, Don

Thanks! And yes you can use that quote - it is by Mary Greer, the author of Tarot Reversals. It's a great one!

Martha Miller said...

Woops!!! Wrong info, Don. That quote is Rachel Pollack's from her book, Tarot: Complete Illustrated Guide!!!