Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Odd Odd Nerdrum

As they say he-ah in Maine, de-ah,
Now ain't that odd...

Ayuh. I'd say so...

Brenda from Artslice mentioned in a comment on my last post that Ellen Lesperance and Jeanine Olson's performance photograph's made her think of Odd Nerdrum's paintings.
What do you think?


Don Gray said...

A friend of mine sat next to Nerdrum at a dinner. My friend said "It's nice to meet you, Odd."
Nerdrum said testily "My name is 'Oh-d'... it's pronounced 'Oh-d!!'"

It reminded me of Gene Wilder in the Mel Brooks movie "Young Frankenstein," angrily telling people "My name is Franken-STEEN, not STEIN!"

Martha Miller said...

(Ha Ha! I LOVE Young Frankenstein!)

Well, c'mon, of course anyone would pronounce it "odd" - no need to get testy! What a handle.

"Oh-d" is worse I think - that's the name of that dog in the Garfield comic strip!

At any rate, he sure can paint and his stuff is waaay out there, eh?

Sierra said...

There's a painting on here that I've been looking for the name of but havnen't been able to find it anywhere...Would you know by chance? The third one down. If you could help me out it'd be greatly appreciated!