Friday, August 8, 2008

My Studio

My studio is in sore need of a thorough cleaning before I can get my head around a new project. Some pics of my studio last year when it was clean, and the bottom pic is of a messy corner taken last week. It's another rainy day - a good time to hoe out. I am such an image junky, constantly rearranging and changing stuff to look at in my studio. I'm amazed by artists who have pristine and image free spaces to work in. Or maybe one image on the wall to ponder.
My husband calls me The Thumbtack Queen.
What do your work spaces look like?? What do you like to surround yourself with?


Rob S. said...

Okay, Martha. Next post will be studio shots. Mine's a little more austere right now. I haven't been messing it up as much since I'm painting outside mostly.

Martha Miller said...

Oh, Good! Show me what austere looks like!!!
I could use a dose of that!

Ron said...

You have such a cool studio, Martha. I like all the art that you and the other artists have in the hallways and stairwells. Any plans for another open studio in your building this summer/fall?

Don Gray said...

What a treat to see your studio--full of inspiration everywhere!

I'll probably post some shots of my old/new studio on my blog eventually, once I've settled into it long enough to feel it's totally reinhabited.

Thanks for posting these photos.

Martha Miller said...

Hi Ron

How are you?

I believe that our next open studio will be in October...not certain, though. It's such a great old building. I'll post more pics of my neighbors' artwork. I was told that The Artist Studio Building used to be a hotel for traveling businessmen at the turn of the century.

Martha Miller said...

Hi Don

I enoyed seeing images of artists' studios on your blog - looking forward to seeing your space!