Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In Spite of Ourselves

more on the comedy of relationship...

John Prine and Iris Dement:
In Spite of Ourselves


Don Gray said...

I've always loved this duet with Prine and Dement--thanks for posting it.

Did you know that Iris Dement is married to Greg Brown?

Martha Miller said...

Hi Don

Yes, I do know that! I found out in an interesting way! In my jr year at Maine College of Art (2005) one of my classmates, a girl named Zoe, did an installation - she recreated her living space inside a MECA hallway - her bedroom, her living room - and she tagged all her belongings with a little card with written info about each piece. It was a very engaging installation and one day I was reading her tags while she was running up the stairway nearby. I saw some poloroids of a middle aged man and a woman and on the tags it said, this is my father, Greg Brown, and my step-mother, Iris Dement. They are both folk singers. I yelled up to Zoe, Greg Brown is your father?!? I'm a huge fan of him and of Iris Dement! She beamed. Most of her young friends had never heard of her Dad. Zoe did the painting for the cover of father's latest CD while at MECA (The Evening Call) and she sat for a portrait. I've posted it somewhere, but if you go to my website and look at portrraits, it's titled Zoe with Strength. She is sitting in a sort of Girl with the Pearl pose.