Monday, June 16, 2008

Wallace and Freud

One of my absolute all time favorite portraits - Lucien Freud's portrait of John Minton. Click on the image and see the fine details. Wow. What a painting. What a face!
(But I can't help but notice a resemblance to Nick Park's Wallace...)
I think I'm still coming off anesthesia - please forgive my loopiness!
Lucien Freud
John Minton, 1952
Oil on canvas, 40 x 25.4 cm
Collection Royal College of Art, London


artslice said...

I am a huge Lucian Freud fan as well! I was lucky to see his show in L.A., Cali in 2003 at the LA Contemporary Museum of Art (or Modern - can't remember now!) - it's the one right near the Symphony Hall designed by Frank Geary. Anyway, FABULOUS show!!!

What happened to your leg? Hope you're doing well and up soon!

Martha Miller said...

I saw a Freud exhibit in DC back in 1987. Impressive!

I had several varicose veins removed, and one venous closure. (It's hereditary, plus having had 5 pregnancies didn't help) I'm having my left leg done in another month. Fun, fun.