Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Top Panels

I went to Artist & Craftsman yesterday afternoon and bought another large chunk of linoleum off the roll to carve for the top panel for my diptych, and I started to work on it in my studio last night after supper. The night before last I printed the corner "tiles." I've been dinking around with the frames and have decided that they need to be close to the prints - I'll leave a margin of 1 inch between the print and the frame. I tried it with a wider margin but there seemed to be too much blank white. (So much for printing these on that huge paper!!!) I will not cut them down, though, and after the installation they will retain their 6 inch borders. The frames will lay over the prints - I'll be velcro-ing them to the wall.
I'm using a photograph of my grandson, Calvin, as a model for my angel baby!

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