Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prayer Series

This past week I worked for 2 days straight on these reduction relief prints, using my drawing Spring Prayer as a template. The first pic is my second attempt, the second pic is my first attempt. The first attempt seemed a bit too heavy in color and too outlined. So the next day I cut a new plate and used a different palette - I also left out the outlines. I'm not crazy about either version, but at least I've started to learn a bit about this process!

I am interested in making a series of prints from drawings that combine imagery from nature and dreams to speak of the body/spirit connection. I've been looking on-line at the work of the 11th century mystic, Hildegard de Bingen. I studied about her in a couple of my art history classes - I need to get some books out of the library and do some further research about her.


artslice said...

These are lovely, even the black and white one is quite nice. I like your idea... am excited what you come up with in this series. Must be nice to work a little smaller this time!

Rob S. said...

Hildegard von Bingen was an amazing person! I have a friend who reconstructed one of her compositions for piano, oboe and violin. Fantastic stuff.

The monochromatic prints are still my favorite, probably because that the graphic weight of it is so strong to me, high color feels like an afterthought. Just my opinion, of course!

When does the installation go in again?

Martha Miller said...

thanks brenda and rob - it's
fun to experiment.

my installation of my big prints goes up at the beginning of june.