Thursday, May 8, 2008


I have always been interested in astrology and several years ago read a book about combining Eastern and Western astrology systems. In western astrology I am a Pisces, and in Eastern astrology, I am a horse. Those two ideas led me to make this self-portrait, Holding Still. In the portrait I am holding a hobby horse that I made for my youngest son Alec's 3rd birthday, and I am surrounded by fish.

Pisces("I believe," Water, Jupiter/Neptune, Mutable)/Horse("I demand," Positive Fire, Yang)

What are you?

Holding Still, 1991
charcoal on Rives BFK, 22" x 30"
collection Edna Simmons


david santos said...

Thank you.

Martha Miller said...

Hi David

Just popped over to your blog - I wish that I could read Portugese! But I saw the War On Pedophilia poster. Nown THAT's a war worth fighting for!!!

God Bless You and Thankyou!!!


Superfly Guy said...

--Pisces/Horse has a singular
handicap in being able to see beyond now--

I am Piscian-Horse, there is nothing on this world that I do not know?!

Where ever I am, I just mastering the situation?!

Ok, but I am Earth Horse and Twins are my sub.

I am a screenplay writer, still looking for fck producer.

By the way Cindy Crawford is also Pisces-Horse.

My email:

aishwarya said...

hey am a piscean horse too!