Thursday, May 29, 2008

Judy Fox

We've come a long way (baby) since Alfred Steiglitz made his famous exclamation, "At last - a woman on paper!" upon first viewing the drawings of Georgia O'Keefe. Posted here, some work of ceramic sculptor, Judy Fox. Her work brings to mind O'Keefe, and Judy Chicago, Hans Bellmer, George Segal, Kiki Smith, Paula Rego...

Who else?

Judy Fox:

Rapunzel, 1998

Venus, 2004

Snow White, 2007

Snow White (with Lust) 2007

Lust, 2007

Snow White and the Seven Sins, 2007


Susan Beauchemin said...

These are great!

Martha Miller said...

Isn't she amazing?? Whew!
All the sins have the icky feeling of an eyelid turned inside out...