Monday, April 7, 2008

What I Most Need To Look At

I do my Tarot cards every morning as a kind of check in. One of the cards in my daily spread represents "what I most need to look at." The Star has showed up in this spot for four days stright now, which is a nice a bit of synchronicity given the topic of the past few posts. There she is, the quintessential nude, and she's looking right at you unabashed, completely comfortable in her skin, grounded and balanced. She's like a woodland animal. Ahhhh. And she even has a little bow in her hair. Too sweet. Will post more later on the naked/nude topic. Stay tuned!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Martha, I'm not sure of the difference between naked and nude. Naked if the person doesn't want to be? or if they're uncomfortable. Nude if the person chooses to be or if they're artfully drapped with a cloth around the knees?

Martha Miller said...

or naked if the person is aware that they are? woops - better fetch that fig leaf!