Friday, April 11, 2008

Switched Media

One night years ago at my drawing group we all decided to switch media with someone else in the room. DeWitt Hardy and I switched. So he had to use my crazy pile of stuff - oils, pastels, pencils, charcoal - and I used his spare little box of watercolors. This was a good exercise - I love to work in mixed media, but it's good to settle down with one thing to draw with as well. I think that DeWitt struggled more than I did - wish I had a picture of his drawing from that night!

Wendy, 1988
watercolor, 15" x 22"
private collection


Susan Beauchemin said...

Wow, nice job just picking up and painting with watercolors!

Martha Miller said...

thanks, sue!

this from the high priestess of
H20 colors herself!

love you

Susan Beauchemin said...

Oh no--that can't be my title--I'm still learning each day! and struggling along.