Thursday, March 13, 2008


A few Carlo images. The top picture was taken in 2003 at MECA when the Print Department invited Carlo to come speak to my Mobile Image class, taught by professor Adriane Herman. Carlo was involved in the Mail Art movement and brought in several examples from his collection. He is shown here displaying his favorite piece of mail art, two cardboard hands, connected with a long, stamp covered cord. The piece came to him from Japan, just like this. On one hand was printed Carlo's address, and on the other was the return address - two hands reaching across the globe, one artist reaching out to another. Carlo marveled at the beautiful poetry of the piece, and at the miraculous fact that the postal system had allowed this wonderful object to move through the mail just as it was. He became teary eyed while talking about it.
The next picture was taken at an open studio event in Brunswick in 1999 - Carlo and I were drawing portraits together that day. You can see Carlo taking a break in the background, while I am working on a drawing of Bowdoinham artist Marianne Legassie .
The third pic is a gilded and framed photo of Carlo that I keep in my studio. The photo was from a newspaper article in the Brunswick Times Record about Carlo's Mail Art exhibit in September 2004 at June Fitzpatrick' High Street Gallery here in Portland. We all knew that Carlo was dying at this time, and I organized a performance for him that night. Carlo is wearing a lei made of broccoli, one of his favorite foods, and one of his political statements. "Drop Broccoli, Not Bombs" was his protest mantra for the first Bush Administration and the Gulf War, referencing the fact that George Bush (the elder) hated broccoli. Print major Alison Baird and I made dozens of the broccoli leis to give to people as we greeted them at Carlo's reception.
The next 2 pics are a couple of Carlo's figure paintings, and the last pic is of Carlo, with some of his Abraham Lincoln paintings.

Here is a link to an article about Carlo you might find interesting:

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