Saturday, May 19, 2012

In the Spirit of Carlo Pittore

DeWitt Hardy

Pat Hardy

George Burk

Richard Letham

Mary Hart

Anita Clearfield

Alex Rheault

Sigmund Abeles

Stephen Petroff

Tim Clorius

Anne Harris

Rob Sullivan

Michael Waterman

Martha Miller

Ray Cathode

Michael Walek

Matthew Kelly

Joseph Nicoletti

Susan Drucker

Tanya Fletcher

Mark Nelson

Lou Kohl Morgan

Richard Wilson

Robert Shetterly

Larry Hayden

Thomas Cornell

Eric Legassie

Toni Wolf

Tim Wilson

A figurative show that I co-curated with Bowdoinham artist Susan Drucker, in honor of the anniversary of the birthday of our mutual old friend, Carlo Pittore. Now playing at Aucocisco Galleries in downtown Portland, Maine!


William R. Moore said...

Looks to be a very good show. Good luck on sales.

Susan Beauchemin said...

I don't know Carlo, but I bet he'd really like this show!

martha miller said...

Hi William and Susan - thanks for dropping by! Wish you both lived closer and could see this show LIVE. Yes, Carlo would have been pleased.