Monday, January 23, 2012

Never Ever

Lisbeth has bounced back once again, amazing woman/child.I took a video of Lisbeth dancing in my studio yesterday. After she left, I viewed it, and as I watched it this song happened to be playing on my CD player. It seemed to fit perfectly, so I went home and made it the soundtrack. I had no idea what the words meant, or at least I thought I didn't know. I did take a few years of French when I was in Jr. High and High School. Maybe it stayed with me more than I realize, because after I made this video I looked up the translation to the song...

Am I ever fragile? Do I really have a choice?
Do I ever gently grumble, maybe? Was I thinking of death?
To eventually stop... being so strong
Can I even cry?
No never, never ever
Look, am I trembling?
No never, I'd rather die
Than let life kill me
No never, ever, never ever...

Julien Bense


Susan Beauchemin said...

It's good to see her dancing and smiling!

Anonymous said...

Your relationship with your daughter is very moving. I'm also a mom, and I love my daughter so much, too. For me, the love I have in my heart for my daughter goes way beyond any other love.

martha miller said...

Hi Sue

Yes, we make hay while the sun shines. Lisbeth is down and out with seizures again. One step forward, two steps back. Or, to use a Lis-ism, "Plus and Take Away, Plus and Take Away."

martha miller said...

Hello Anon

Thanks for dropping in. Yes, love for a dughter is special indeed. God Bless.