Friday, May 6, 2011

Working Walls

After being holed up in my studio working on this for the past three months, it was hugely fun to be invited to work on this...

My studio neighbor, John Knight, invited the artists in our building to paint on his wall! Here we are, happily obliging! If you are doing the Artwalk tonight in Portland, do drop in for Open Studios!


artslice said...

fabulous collaboration! have fun at artwalk tonight :)

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hope you have a great time tonight--looks like fun!

Ron Hunt said...

We loved seeing these up close tonight. Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well. Hope you feel better soon.

martha miller said...

Hi Brenda!

Thanks for popping in. I missed open studios because I was sick! Wah!

Hey, Sue! Bummer! All that prep and too sick to go.

Hi Ron!

So glad you were able to drop in! Sorry I missed you! I felt like a sad little kid who had to stay home from a birthday party!

Don Gray said...

Wow--how great to get a straight on view of your three drawings! They are superb!

Hope you're feeling OK now.